Frequently Asked Questions

What is EurocodeApplied.com?

EurocodeApplied is a free online service that civil engineers can use to perform structural design calculations according to the latest Eurocodes. A set of calculation tools is provided that correspond to application of particular sections of the structural Eurocodes (EN1990 to EN1999) and the corresponding EuroNorms (ENs). Currently EurocodeApplied is in the beta development stage. This means that new content is added frequently and user feedback is desirable in order to improve our service. More information is provided here about the beta stage of development.

How do I use EurocodeApplied.com?

Navigate through all the available calculations by using one of the several navigation options (eurocode shortcut buttons, the "Design" drop-down menu or the "search" box). Calculations follow a common format:

Is this service also free for professional use?

Yes, its also free for professional use. You may want to include the printout of the calculations in your design reports. Please note that the service is provided "as is", without any explicit or implicit warranties. Only qualified civil engineers may use the information presented in this website for real life projects. Moreover you should always verify the results. More information is included in our Terms of Service.

My country's national annex is not included in the NDP drop-down selection!

Currently the automatic fill-in of Nationally Defined Parameters is supported for a few countries. Apart from CEN default values the National Annexes of the following countries are supported:

Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.

In the title-block of each calculation a description of the supported National Annexes is provided.

More countries may be included in the future based on the availability of the corresponding National Annexes. Maintaining a database of Nationally Defined Parameters for so many countries and so many languages is a difficult job and also involves significant cost.

Note that:

Always verify the validity of the Nationally Defined Parameters by consulting your National Annexes.

I have spotted an error in the calculations or an incorrect Nationally Defined Parameter (NDP)

Although the EurocodeApplied team spends significant effort to ensure that the provided information is accurate, we cannot exclude the possibility that an error exists. If you have spotted an error in the calculations or an incorrect Nationally Defined Parameter (NDP) please inform us using our Contact Form. Please note that the engineering design procedure always involves making assumptions and simplifications in order to solve the problem. These assumptions and simplifications are clearly stated in the detailed calculation output to allow you to judge their applicability. You may disagree with some of these assumptions. Please tell us your opinion using our Contact Form.

I have more questions

If you have any questions not answered here, please use our Contact Form to make a relevant query.